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Research and development

Powerful R&D Strength is the essence of CAMPION's continuous growth

CAMPION puts more than 10% of its sales revenue into research and development each year, has a high-quality R&D team of over 80 engineers. CAMPION has achieved 72 authorized patents with other 23 ones in the application procedures. Products, technology research and development cover a full range of analogue camera, intelligent ball camera, IP camera, DVR, NVS, video management platform, NVR.
CAMPION sticks to a developmental and innovative idea which is oriented by customer demands, takes the international standard of product's quality as a goal, and provides high-quality and cost-effective products to global clients.

R&D management

R&D management

Based on tradition and practice, CAMPION has established a R&D system leading with the international advanced integrated product development process (IPD) in the world with ongoing process revolution and management improvement. Benefitting from this system's support and guarantee, CAMPION can export products of market-testing and higher values for clients.


Specialization in Security technology


CAMPION's products have been widely used in more than 100 countries and regions in the world. In Korea, CAMPION's products pass through strict tests and are welcomed in domestic transportation, airports, seaports, tourism areas, intelligent residential districts, Urban Villages, the government and other large and high-end clients.


Software R&D Lab

Software R&D Lab

CAMPION devotes itself to endless innovation! Under the trend of internationalization and informatization, CAMPION pioneers in the software field as it always does. CAMPION has an experienced R&D team both in industry control and network products development. Their professional knowledge and rich experiences in the market guarantee CAMPION's software strength.


Hardware Lab

Hardware Lab

CAMPION introduces the most advanced production line  and other high-end hardware. They have guaranteed the smooth running of all projects and are able to completely satisfy client needs of hardware platform through engineering approaches.


Product testing

Product testing

CAMPION has invested heavily to established a product testing center, cooperating with the world's leading research institution and equipment manufacturers, and using a full range of users' environment to test rigorously for pre-release R&D products, which means to provide customers more secure and reliable products.

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We provide you All Security Solutions with The soul of protection.


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